God does extraordinary things for ordinary people
God does extraordinary things for ordinary people

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Sweet greetings in the name of Lord Jesus. I, Suresh Johnson and my wife, Renuga Suresh, have been working as officers in a Bank in India. I am onto full time ministry now. Lord Jesus Christ healed me from a fatal bleeding disease. By the power of Jesus who has risen from the dead, I am alive, keeping perfect health. Truly, Jesus Christ, lives today; We bear witness that the days of miracles are not yet over and He is still performing signs and wonders. I feel very happy to share with you through this site how Lord Jesus gave life to me and how wonderfully He guided us through the valley of darkness of death. I hope that this website will lead many people to Christ, increase the faith of many and will help the spiritual growth of many. I place this website in dedication at the Feet of Jesus Christ who changed death into victory and who still gives us victory. Hallelujah!

Through this website, we are sharing with the world, how God has transformed one family into a living testimony. God is using us in many ways; He has given us a preaching ministry; music ministry; Worship ministry; writing ministry; counselling ; Prayer ministry; TV Ministry; Radio Ministry; village ministry; Children ministry. We can just list on and on; we are very happy to share our blessings , experience, God's guidance and most of all His sweet presence and communion with you all; God bless you.


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